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5 Steps Towards Achieving your Vision

08-Nov-2017 06:00:00 / by Marianna posted in Performance Coaching


We all have dreams and goals we aspire to.  Be that in our personal life, for example buying a dream home, taking some time off to travel the world or my personal favourite, achieving financial independence!  And/or in our professional one, be it getting that promotion, taking the organisation to the next level or just being the best leader we can be!   Sometimes however, no matter how hard we try we seem to get stuck in a downward spiral of maximum effort with minimum return.  This can be extremely frustrating and disheartening at best, and at worst it can cause us to give up... game over!  
Through my own trial and error, I've noticed that by following a few straight forwards steps I've been able to breakthrough the stalemate and catapult towards my goal!  I've called this approach CUDAR - 5 Steps Towards Achieving your Vision.   Hopefully it does the same for you!
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