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What is Culture and How is it Transformed?

Organisational culture is a topic often misunderstood. There are numerous definitions, explanations and connotations that come with it.

What is it?

For our purposes, Culture is quite simply 'the way we do things around here'.  It is an amalgamation of behaviours, symbols, processes, unwritten rules and legends that have developed over time.  A culture can either have developed 'by design' or 'by default.  In other words, if you haven't purposefully defined your culture, you definitely still have one that has been created organically. It might just not be the one you want!

How to shift it

What we help you do is take the reigns, so that your culture acts as an enabler, rather than a blocker.  This is achieved through creating a shift in current behaviours and mindsets, making way for new patterns of behaviour and turning these into habits.  Hence purposefully designing a culture that is carefully crafted to enable and deliver your purpose and strategic aspirations. 

Have a look at Lara'a suggests about having corporate values that work!

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