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Did Someone Say Change... Again! 

You know how some people don't like change?  And you know how organisations LOVE to change often?  Well this seems to be the dichotomy of today's age. 

What goes wrong

Delivering change that's sticky and becomes the new normal is every transformation's dream.  After all, isn't that why an organisation embarks on change?  I doubt one sets out to spend loads of money, time and resources just to have a tiny proportion of the business actually adopt it?

Yet unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring theme in a most transformations.  The people side of things gets the least focus, resources and energy, often times being an after thought when it all goes wrong.  Spending the time and energy upfront to plan this phase properly is essential and plays a major role in determining it's success or failure. 

How to help it go right

People don't like to be told what to do. As outlined in our 'Employee Engagement & Experience" page , they like to feel in control, have a say in and influence their surroundings.  To assume that a change impact assessment and some training and communications is all you need to take care of the 'people side' is short sighted and expensive.  Co-creating the solution upfront, offering people a voice and engaging them in the creation and delivery of the change will help ensure they identify with it, own it, engage with it and ultimately adopt it.