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5 Steps Towards Achieving your Vision

08-Nov-2017 06:00:00 / by Marianna

We all have dreams and goals we aspire to.  Be that in our personal life, for example buying a dream home, taking some time off to travel the world or my personal favourite, achieving financial independence!  And/or in our professional one, be it getting that promotion, taking the organisation to the next level or just being the best leader we can be!  Sometimes however, no matter how hard we try we seem to get stuck in a downward spiral of maximum effort with minimum return.  This can be extremely frustrating and disheartening at best, and at worst it can cause us to give up... game over!  
Through my own trial and error, I've noticed that by following a few straight forwards steps I've been able to breakthrough the stalemate and catapult towards my goal!  I've called this approach CUDAR - 5 Steps Towards Achieving your Vision.  Hopefully it does the same for you!

Also have a look at this FREE interactive flowchart for more detail and links to relevant content and resources at each step for inspiration

5 Steps Towards Achieving your Vision
1. CLARIFY: your Vision and Aspirations

Have you spent the time to get crystal clear on where you are headed and what it will look like once you get there?  Most organisations wouldn't get very far without a clear and compelling Vision, yet when it comes to our goals as leaders, professionals and individuals we tend to hold a loose image in mind and hope for the best it's enough!

Get visioning! Paint the picture in your minds eye (or put it on paper).  Feel, smell and taste what success will be like.  Write a letter to yourself in the present tense and date it the date you have set yourself for this Vision!  Read it regularly for focus and inspiration.  Make sure it's compelling as this is what will keep you going when the going gets tough!

2. UNCOVER: your "WHY"

This part is key for your purpose will act as the rocket fuel in your engine.  Once again the parallels with organisations is uncanny.  Without a clear purpose many organisations tend to be pulled left and right when making decisions, moving away from their core Vision and reason for being. 

A strong purpose acts as your true north, guiding you in your decisions and actions, and more importantly helping you determine when to say 'no'!  It is felt at a much deeper level and usually plays into your values.  For example, financial independence is important to me as it will offer me the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with family and those dear to me.  It will enable me more time to connect to the community around me and this planet.  That's what I value. 

Why is your Vision important for you?  What will it enable in your life / work / career / organisation?  How will it impact you and those around you?  What will be true for you once you've achieved it?

3. DISCOVER: the strengths and sources of energy that will get you there

This doesn't only refer to what you are good at, but more pertinent is what you enjoy doing that you are good at!  What excites you, gives you energy and enables you to perform at your best?  What situations, characteristics, experiences and practices lend themselves to you being 'in the flow'? 

Identifying and knowing yourself at this level enables you to harness your limited resources and energy on that which will accelerate you toward your Vision.  

4. ATTEND TO: the internal and external noise!

Take the time to identify and acknowledge the things that can get in your way.  The external factors are usually much easier to identify and address.  This could be anything from money, time and relationships to stakeholders, the market and customers just to name a few.

The internal noise is a little trickier.  What is your internal dialogue like?  Is it a friendly and encouraging voice telling you that you've got this, you can do it, just keep going!  Or is it Negative Nancy pointing out all the things that can go wrong, why you're not the right person for the job and how you will be 'found out' sooner or later! 

Conquering this internal voice is your No.1 priority.  It is the one single most defining factor to whether you realise your Vision and Purpose or not.

5. RECRUIT: some support

CUDAR works at a rational and emotional level as a framework, but it's not always that easy to execute. Sometimes a little helping hand is in order. 

Read and research what it takes to deliver against a Vision whether personal or professional.  Who has been successful at it?  What worked for them?  Where did they get their inspiration?  A fantastic book for this is "Tools of Titans" by Timothy Ferris.  It's full of tips, exercises and practices some of the most successful people on earth have deployed. 

Sometimes though that's not enough.  You need some personal, bespoke support to help you apply all you've heard and learned.  Or to help you Discover your strengths, and Address your internal noise.  Working with a good coach can do wonders here. Seek out someone you can build trust and rapport with and stay open to exploring!

This free '5 Steps towards Achieving your Vision' interactive flowchart offers some great resources for each step, access it through the icon below.  

5 Steps Towards Achieving your Vision

flowcultura offer coaching services so to find out more, check out our "Performance Coaching" page. 

As always, do get in touch should you want to discuss anything further! 

Bye for now and I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals!

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Written by Marianna