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How to get your organisation off mute: make the most of remote working

26-Nov-2020 07:00:00 / by Caroline Butcher posted in future of work, Employee Engagement & Experience, employee experience, Covid-19, Covid, remote working

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Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash


“You’re on mute!”

For the 24% of workers in the UK now based at home due to Covid-19 (source: ONS), those three little words encapsulate a new way of life. Spare rooms have been cleared and kitchen islands commandeered, with webcams strategically angled so as not to reveal laundry piles or evidence of DIY endeavours gone wrong.


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The 'Future of Work' is nearer than we think!

11-Sep-2017 14:25:47 / by Marianna posted in future of work


  • The Digital Age
  • Millennials
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Computing
  • VUCA 
  • Ageing Populations
  • Power shifts from Employer to Employee and from Organisation to Customer…

Recognise any of these?

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Soft and Fluffy? Think again!

11-Sep-2017 14:19:53 / by Marianna posted in future of work


I love the term ‘Futurist! How cool would it be to have a title like that?!

So what do you do Mr./Ms. Futurist?”

I study the future in order to help people understand, anticipate, prepare for and gain advantage from coming changes…” as defined by the Association of Professional Futurists.

I heard a futurist speak at a conference recently and was instantly both mesmerised (on behalf of the positive, confident and rational grown woman in me) and petrified (on behalf of the inner scared little girl). 

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