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Do You Need Corporate Values... Yay or Nay?

17-Oct-2017 06:00:00 / by Marianna posted in culture transformation


This is a really interesting topic and one I’ve heard debated many times, more recently at a Culturevist event talking about 'Culture as a Competitive Advantage'.  Company values seem to be a pre-requisite these days, yet I constantly hear leaders and executives complaining that they are not being lived.  When I was working for a large insurance company I remember the CEO saying “we’ve created our values with our people, we’ve spent a lot of money on communicating them out to the business, why are they not getting it… what’s the problem?!”… indeed!  
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Good Business Culture Examples... and their Culture Handbooks

29-Sep-2017 15:43:36 / by Marianna posted in culture transformation


Successfully developing, embedding and sustaining one’s organisational culture is a feat within itself, seeking good business culture examples and learning from them can offer us a fresh and different perspective.

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The Role of Leaders in Changing Culture

22-Sep-2017 12:08:59 / by Marianna posted in culture transformation



Make no mistake, your organisation has a culture.  Whether it was created by design or by default is another question but you definitely have one.  Contrary to what many culture academics believe however, there is no right or wrong culture.  There is only the culture that aligns to, and enables your organisation’s Purpose, Vision and Strategy, or the one that works against it... and the role of leaders in changing culture is critical!
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10 Signs your Culture is a Blocker

11-Sep-2017 15:17:22 / by Marianna posted in culture transformation


free culture assessment
t is this Culture thing a nd why is everyone talking about it? I’ve been involved in Culture work for over 12 years and it seems in the last 2 - 3 it’s become the buzz word of the moment, along with Future of Work, Gig Economy, Flexible Working and Employee Experience!
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Employee Experience Strategies that Work

11-Sep-2017 14:40:06 / by Marianna posted in employee experience



I felt extremely humbled and privileged to be invited as a judge to the 2017 Employee Experience Awards.  I’ve been lucky enough to have done this kind of thing in the past and have always found the experience very rewarding and eye opening. Therefore the decision wasn’t a tough one, especially as this is a topic very close to my heart.

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The 'Future of Work' is nearer than we think!

11-Sep-2017 14:25:47 / by Marianna posted in future of work


  • The Digital Age
  • Millennials
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Computing
  • VUCA 
  • Ageing Populations
  • Power shifts from Employer to Employee and from Organisation to Customer…

Recognise any of these?

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Soft and Fluffy? Think again!

11-Sep-2017 14:19:53 / by Marianna posted in future of work


I love the term ‘Futurist! How cool would it be to have a title like that?!

So what do you do Mr./Ms. Futurist?”

I study the future in order to help people understand, anticipate, prepare for and gain advantage from coming changes…” as defined by the Association of Professional Futurists.

I heard a futurist speak at a conference recently and was instantly both mesmerised (on behalf of the positive, confident and rational grown woman in me) and petrified (on behalf of the inner scared little girl). 

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What do Cryptocurrencies & Taking Ownership have in common?

11-Sep-2017 12:21:14 / by Marianna


I have recently become fascinated with the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains. In it’s simplest form, cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency, transferred peer to peer and managed by a decentralised public ledger (a blockchain), without the need for a central institution, e.g. a bank. The most well known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. “Speak English’ I hear you cry! I hear you, I'm still baffled by it on a daily basis but nevertheless, it has captured my imagination.

More recently I explored how transactions work in this world and was intrigued by the unfamiliar and confronting rules by which it is governed.

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